Going Virtual: Using a “Greenlight Spreadsheet” to Reimagine My Journalism Elective

I’m taking a Global Online Academy (GOA) course called “Designing for Online Learning,” and the second Module was about student wayfinding. How do students and teachers find their way through online course content and projects? How can we help students find the content they need and how can we track their progress?

This GOA article offers some ideas for how students navigate through the content. One cool one was about “Greenlight Spreadsheets“. (Search for those words, that part comes late in the post.)

I made a video about how I’m adapting my physical tracking chart for my middle school journalists to a greenlight spreadsheet.

Here is what my tracking chart normally looks like:

Here is my new greenlight spreadsheet:

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    Maria Fernandez

    May 6, 2020

    This is great! It can be easily applied to other writing units. Thank you for sharing!

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