About me: The long story.

I’m a third culture kid.  I lived in Cincinnati until age ten when I moved with my parents to Mexico City for my dad’s job at Procter & Gamble.  I attended The American School Foundation (ASF).  At the end of 6th grade, we moved from Mexico City to Caracas, Venezuela, and lived there until I graduated from high school at Escuela Campo Alegre (ECA).  In my years abroad, I had the privilege of receiving an innovative international school education and traveling around the world.  I’m fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and I have a bilingual IB Diploma.

I got a BA in theater and Spanish from Case Western Reserve University in the gem that is Cleveland, Ohio.  I did my junior year abroad at the British American Drama Academy in London, where I studied Shakespeare and classical acting technique, stage combat, period dance, and physical comedy.

I moved to New York City to get my Master’s degree in education at New York University.  I have also done graduate level coursework at George Washington University and the University of New Hampshire in teaching writing and educational linguistics.  I spent the next 4 years teaching at a NYC DOE public school and then a charter school.  It was during my second year of teaching that I met my husband, David, a teacher at another school in the same network.  Teaching in New York City was an seminal experience for me, and I feel lucky to have cut my teeth there as a teacher. It was a vibrant, diverse place to work, and I worked with many smart, funny, resilient educators.

After getting married, my husband and I decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee to embark on a new adventure closer to both of our families.  For seven years, David and I taught at Harpeth Hall, an amazing independent all-girls school.  When we moved to Nashville in 2011, we went from renting a 400 square-foot, 5th floor walk up, to buying a 1935 bungalow in East Nashville with a backyard.  We built on to the house and made improvements over the years.  We brought our three kids home from the hospital to that house.  In addition to raising our kids, we kept bees, had a little flock of backyard hens, and grew  a vegetable garden.

In 2017 we decided that we were ready to start a new adventure: international teaching.  We’ve been in Brazil since July 2018 and we love it.  São Paulo is a really interesting city, and we enjoy the life we are living here.  Graded, The American School of São Paulo, is an exciting place to work, and I spend my days with hard-working educators and lovable, energetic students.

Calvin is now 12 and loves reading, coding, and robotics.  Matilda is 9 and loves reading, dancing and student council.  Everett is 7 and is our little non-fiction obsessed professor who recently discovered a passion for Taekwondo.

At Graded, I have coached the elementary swim team, and served as 7th and 9th grade level leader.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading, running 5K races, and playing the mandolin.

Read more about me here: “Faculty in Focus: Margaret (Meg) Griswold, Middle School Humanities Teacher” Graded Gazette, Graded, The American School of São Paulo, December 2021.