Beginning again

I’ve spent the past two months querying Improbable Girl.  It’s a pretty consuming task, but I’ve reached what may be a soft stopping point.  I’m waiting.  And everyone says as soon as you send out one, you should start the next one.

And it makes sense.  The sudden flurry of submissions and research and query revisions is over and I miss the daily activity.  I’m maybe not so good at calm and bored.

It hit me that it’s been 4 years since I wrote a first draft from page one and feeling uncertain and nervous.  I’m really confident about my editing and querying abilities since I’ve been doing that for a few months.  (Remind me of this in a year or so when I haven’t queried in a while, and I feel nervous it again.)  I’m trying to recognize the natural ebb and flow that comes with the writing process.  But right now, I’m intimidated by the task, just like I was the first time.  First dates always give you flutters.

So, here we go with book #2.  Or perhaps, book #2 and #3.  I’ve got two ideas I’m feeling really pumped about.  I’ve got both cooking and we’ll see what happens.  I might bounce from one to the other, but I might really catch the wind in my sails with one and let the other idea rest.  As I said in my Process Insecurity post, I’m trying to control less and let myself find my way more.  I’ll keep you posted!



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